Saturday 14 November 2015

Windows 10 November Update - New Context Menu and Snipping Tool Delay

Microsoft has launched a new version of Windows 10

New context menu when you upgrade to the Windows 10 November Update.
Also new snipping tool has a delay feature.

See my video

Run command prompt and you should see this version:
Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.10586]
*if the number is less then you are still on the earlier version of Windows 10.

Tuesday 23 December 2014

Windows Phone 8 now has Candy Crush Saga

Today I found that Candy Crush Saga is available on the Windows App Store. Just type Candy Crush Saga and you will find this is the only game have published to date.

Once started you can continue from the level you last synced with. You will be asked for your Facebook login details. It worked like a charm for myself. My other half was happy now she can play this on my when I'm away.

Thank you for publishing this on Windows phone. I'm sure you will be highly rated in a short time. Now we need Google to publish applications like Hangouts and then more people will move to Windows Phone.

Download Candy Crush - Windows App Store

Thursday 21 March 2013

Wiki sites why bother

I've worked on updating wiki sites on numerous occassions to add content or to updates pages where it would benefit others but from time to time there are some edits that are rejected (not by the authors) but by other members and it makes you think why bother?

Where has this happened?
wikipedia (on the odd occassion) and most annoyingly wiktionary

I've recently posted comment on: Blog Asylum (another blogger account)

Here is the content word by word:
I just made some updates on wiktionary and they reverted them back. Their meaning for check is "to check a box"
*To specify a definition you don't use the same word. I changed it to say "to place a tick in a box".

When I asked the user who reverted it back he said "we also cover other Englishes, like US, Canadian, Jamaican, Trinidad, etc. etc". Yet when I questioned him, he couldn't prove this to me. He stayed quiet. They also do not inform people of what is UK, US, Canadian English.

My changes to this page and 2 others were reverted back, so I would be annoyed. To correct a page with a simple sentence and have it reverted back doesn't make sense.

It's all American (not the Queens English). There is no English on there which is why they didn't like my correction. I've also seen comments posted against then within a quick online search:
*Other pages may not be fit for viewing so I've left them out.

I've had my rant so will stop there. It makes you wonder whether there is any value contributing to these sites when they show some bias as simple as this.

We all have our disagreements but it makes you wonder whether to invest time into these sites. If I update any other wiki sites I aim to post the good and bad on here

As for the start of my list:
Wikipedia - has lots of content useful, but register to ensure content is up
CNFolio - has lots of university students projects and university work. Not for public edit but is a valuable resource.

Wiktionary - don't bother. They don't support English (unless it's American).

Monday 27 August 2012

4G Finally

After waiting for what seems like an eternity 4G is available in the UK thanks for Everything Everywhere. This is merger of Orange and T-Mobile. Although I found this on the BBC, I though I'd share my thoughts.

Firstly I would personally thank the mobile company as for once it's on a network that I use, but would not be able to take advantage of for the moment. Secondly the phone companies (O2 and Vodafone) complain that they will lose out. I would say that Everything Everywhere and 3 (the network) have prepared, they should have too. Remember the saying "failing to plan is planning to fail".

Some would say why 4G? I would say why 4 years? That is how long the UK has been missing out. It's a shame that we missed the roll out of 4G during the Olympics. We could have been the first nation to bring Long Term Evolution to the Olympics.

With 4G on our phones many of us will get faster internet from our phones than from our home phone lines. Maybe that will spur the ISPs to speed up there home internet speeds for all of us.

A word for the ISPs: You need to speed up the process on providing up faster internet than making excuses on why it's taking you longer to get the lines updated. Stop milking our money and catch up with the rest of Europe, Japan and South Korea (the later 2 with 1Gb internet).

Saturday 7 July 2012

Patents are a Joke

The reasons for Patents are to stop others from stealing your idea and getting it to market. This is to protect the inventor/designer etc.

Now there are times when companies create patents that shouldn't have been granted:

-Swipping screen left to right - Patent
This idea was around in 2004 by Neonode and the phone N1m runs Windows CE. This phone has touch screen and swipping. A video is available on Youtube. With all this evidence, Apple managed to get a patent. Neonode should sue them for copying their idea.

-Tablet computer idea was thought by Alan Kay for the Dynabook in 1968 and later Roger Fidler who worked for a newspaper company called Knight Ridder came up with an idea that looks familiar to one ipad.
The tablet newspaper was thought of in 1994 and the idea of the company is available on Youtube.

For Apple to sue Google, HTC and Samsung is a joke as they have stolen these 2 ideas and have patents for both. Just because a frame around a screen is similar or doesn't have sharp edges means others are copying you. They are just making sure that there is less change of injury to the end user and they wouldn't want to get sued with all the Health and Safety laws of today.

HTC managed to beat Apple in court. Other should follow. On another note, if Apple didn't outsource to China, America's unemployment wouldn't suffer as much.

Tuesday 27 December 2011

Sports high and low

It's coming to the end of the year now and I'd like to some up a few things.

Southampton have made it to the top of the championship and look to stay there till the new year. Will they get promoted? With only 3 points and 3 teams fighting for automatic promotion, only 2 will make it. Who will it be?

There is a match between India and Australia. It's slightly in India's favour but one of the best players was out at the end of play today. The little master is currently stuck with 99 centuries and it 1 away from the magical 100 hundreds. We have been waiting since March and he has been less then 10 away on 2 occasions. Is he thinking too much about it and affecting his game as a result?

It reminds me when Shane Warne got to 99 and then was out. He never made his century. Lets home the little master does not end on this figure. I hope he gets it in Australia.

Sunday 31 July 2011

New Lows for Cricket

Link 1 - Audio replay
Link 2 - Day 3 England vs India

This is about the last 2 days of cricket between India and England. Match changing decisions have been made. Decisions have gone Englands way.

A post (from link 2) shows that if this was the other way around, England would have stuck with the decision. What happened to honest sportsmanship?

-Harbhajan LBW, then 3 wickets go quickly after that.
Correct decision: Not out. This has cost India 50-100 runs

-Bell run out.
Incorrect decision: Put back in to bat
-Trott LBW
Incorrect decision: Should have walked. These 2 decisions have given England momentum and 50-100 more runs.

2 days of decisions going Englands way. This has turned a game that was in India's favour to England. This is now over for India who will lose the series and the number 1 place to England.

Not being biased, I would have to say Broad deserves man of the series with his batting and bowling. In addition Dravid is a close 2nd with his batting.

England are missing Trott (who's not at his game). India are missing Harbhajan today, Zaheer, Sehwag and Kohli.

-With these decisions, should 3rd umpires be more involved?
-Should players on both sides be honest?

This is not the only sport at a loss, look at Football with England denied a World Cup goal and Argentina given one. Is that fair?