Friday, 28 November 2008

Birak Group Homes - Advertising your home for FREE

Recently I have been working on home improvements. This involved doing up an old home and painting, redecorating and home repair. Whilst doing this and working it came to mind how much companies charge for advertising.

If your a Home owner and wanting to sell or let your home there are lots of costs involved. Estate Agents take a lot of money from you too. If your a buyer or a tenant there are fees when putting yourself on a waiting list to find a home.

With all this in mind and the fact of the credit crunch I decided to do something about this. I have created my third website (in the last 12 months) by connecting you to your purchase. This is by helping buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants find each other and lower these costs to a bare minimum. This website will allow you to speed up a sale and if you are planning to move towns (students affected mostly) then use this website to find a home on in the area not far from your University campus. This will help you lower those debts in the long run by hopefully living in a home rather then University accommodation.

Below I have added some example pages of the website:
To make it clearer to find a home on sale or rent.
To make it easier to find a your buyer or tenant.

The cost for you all is nothing, that's right, it's totally FREE. Save yourself money and advertise for decent prices. I hope you all prosper and I will develop the website to suite you all.