Thursday, 31 January 2008

First Blog

What do you say without boring everyone at the start. At this moment in time, myself and fellow University mates are in exam mode. I have completed 2 of the 4 exams in the final year of my degree. One exam is based on a unit called Multimedia Networks and the other is on Distributed Web Systems. I need to do well in both in order to get a 2:1.

In a weeks time half the year is complete. I will be looking forward to starting my project. Before the project begins, I have 2 units that are taught in one third of the allocated time. This is because we have 10 weeks to complete our project from start to finish. I have to aim as high as possible to achieve my desired 2:1. Easy to say, hard to do.

Coming back to current times, revision revision revision. One lecturer said we can take into the exams lecture notes as long as we want provided they are HANDWRITTEN. To get ahead of the game, I have written up 18 pages covering two thirds of the course material. You may say excessive. But a mate said he is on the same with one third of the content. I don't aim to use the material much, if at all. But it does help get the information in my head. Later on I don't have to be at my computer or reading lecture notes as I would have the information in one comfortable place.

I hope you are not bored yet. Please visit back and carry on reading. I promise not to swear, so you can let the younger audience have a read.