Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Sports high and low

It's coming to the end of the year now and I'd like to some up a few things.

Southampton have made it to the top of the championship and look to stay there till the new year. Will they get promoted? With only 3 points and 3 teams fighting for automatic promotion, only 2 will make it. Who will it be?

There is a match between India and Australia. It's slightly in India's favour but one of the best players was out at the end of play today. The little master is currently stuck with 99 centuries and it 1 away from the magical 100 hundreds. We have been waiting since March and he has been less then 10 away on 2 occasions. Is he thinking too much about it and affecting his game as a result?

It reminds me when Shane Warne got to 99 and then was out. He never made his century. Lets home the little master does not end on this figure. I hope he gets it in Australia.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

New Lows for Cricket

Link 1 - Audio replay
Link 2 - Day 3 England vs India

This is about the last 2 days of cricket between India and England. Match changing decisions have been made. Decisions have gone Englands way.

A post (from link 2) shows that if this was the other way around, England would have stuck with the decision. What happened to honest sportsmanship?

-Harbhajan LBW, then 3 wickets go quickly after that.
Correct decision: Not out. This has cost India 50-100 runs

-Bell run out.
Incorrect decision: Put back in to bat
-Trott LBW
Incorrect decision: Should have walked. These 2 decisions have given England momentum and 50-100 more runs.

2 days of decisions going Englands way. This has turned a game that was in India's favour to England. This is now over for India who will lose the series and the number 1 place to England.

Not being biased, I would have to say Broad deserves man of the series with his batting and bowling. In addition Dravid is a close 2nd with his batting.

England are missing Trott (who's not at his game). India are missing Harbhajan today, Zaheer, Sehwag and Kohli.

-With these decisions, should 3rd umpires be more involved?
-Should players on both sides be honest?

This is not the only sport at a loss, look at Football with England denied a World Cup goal and Argentina given one. Is that fair?