Thursday, 20 August 2009

Bolt gets new 200m world record in 19.19 seconds at Berlin

Athletics has become even more interesting because of this guy. Usain Bolt makes records and beats them yet again. Only recently he finished the 100m in 9.59 seconds (0.11 off the previous record at the Beijing olympics) and he slowed down, so more time can be taken off the 100m record.

Now he has done it again with 19.19 seconds. Again it's 0.11 seconds off the previous record he achieved at the Beijing olympics, when he finished in 19.30 seconds. This time I don't think he slowed down. The replay can be seen on the BBC's website: video of the race.

If everyone had a half second head start today, Bolt still would have won. That's how big the victory was. A video replay will show you how much of a gap he had over the second place finisher Alonso Edward from Panama (who finished in 19.81 seconds).

I'll try an post a link to just this race soon. Well done to the Bolt. Can he strike again, who knows?

Update: The latest video replay (from the BBC).