Wednesday, 25 March 2009

My ISA interest rate has dropped considerably

Slightly off techy, but with inflation at 0% money is on the agenda. If you have an ISA, you should look at the interest rates at the moment. They are down considerably for all bank accounts and worst of all ISA's.

Currently I have an ISA with Lloyds and back when I started this one, the interest was around 4%. Looking good and conveniently easy to commute to local branches, I saw this as a worthy investment. From recent years, my money didn't exactly earn much elsewhere so a new bank was on the agenda.

On a side note, late last year I had an account with Halifax. Unlike many that kept there money in Icelandic accounts, I decided with Halifax to get out while I had the chance. Guess what happened weeks after? The bank when bust and Lloyds have a stake in them. Lucky for me, that's where my money went.

Back on the matter, looking at today's interest rate with Lloyds, the shocking news for me and everyone out there is that the latest interest rate is 1%. This is above inflation, but not that good if you had an ISA for nearly 12 months. What a joke. Is an ISA worth all that bother, I think not now. I will be taking my money and using it for other purposes once I have the small interest. Only a couple of weeks to wait to find a better way to use it.

If your considering doing the same thing, what are you plans?

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Million Pixel Website

Have you wanted to advertise online but don't want to pay a fortune for the advertisement, then this website is to help you grow you website. Rather than creating another website full of adverts that annoy viewers, this website uses pixels that you can use to link to your site.

How do I advertise you may ask? You choose a range of squares (pixels) and create an image to upload to the website. Our viewers will see the wonderful images and if they like yours, then you will be fortunate enough to get more customers to your website.

All I ask is that you don't offend others by discrimination, swearing or other put downs. I will monitor this daily to remove adverts that I believe to be bad in some way.

Internet Nightmares

Having worked on a few websites now and using the internet before the millennium, I had to create this website. This website is to help us all voice our frustrations of other websites and make them more user friendly.

There is always something that annoys us about websites, whether it's the hotmail adverts on the right on the email, features removed on websites like monster preventing CV uploads for existing resumes (recently added back after complaints a month ago) or even websites that do not work with JavaScript (JS) off. Some websites use JS excessively and don't provide functionality with this off. Additionally lack of support for other operating systems like Linux / Unix (i.e. BBC iPlayer).

Voice your concerns here and help us all put pressure on the websites owners to improve there website or lose their customers.