Friday, 15 February 2008


Recently I have been creating a website. This is to help further myself, CV, education and so on. I have made about 40% of it (not including the detailed sections of music and sport). The in depth stuff will be talked about later on. I hope to have RSS feeds and WAP working soon. This would help me keep a static homepage so that it does not affect the look of the homepage.

With RSS I hope people will bookmark my feed so that they get updated bookmarks. Hopefully people and companies would like the technology used and offer me a job :)

The wap section of the website is going to be used for simple wap image downloads and have the ability to download my cv so that someone can copy it from their phone onto pc whilst travelling and say how cool it is. WAP is not difficult to implement (just ask for help).

The website will be available at as long as no one steals it first.