Sunday, 31 July 2011

New Lows for Cricket

Link 1 - Audio replay
Link 2 - Day 3 England vs India

This is about the last 2 days of cricket between India and England. Match changing decisions have been made. Decisions have gone Englands way.

A post (from link 2) shows that if this was the other way around, England would have stuck with the decision. What happened to honest sportsmanship?

-Harbhajan LBW, then 3 wickets go quickly after that.
Correct decision: Not out. This has cost India 50-100 runs

-Bell run out.
Incorrect decision: Put back in to bat
-Trott LBW
Incorrect decision: Should have walked. These 2 decisions have given England momentum and 50-100 more runs.

2 days of decisions going Englands way. This has turned a game that was in India's favour to England. This is now over for India who will lose the series and the number 1 place to England.

Not being biased, I would have to say Broad deserves man of the series with his batting and bowling. In addition Dravid is a close 2nd with his batting.

England are missing Trott (who's not at his game). India are missing Harbhajan today, Zaheer, Sehwag and Kohli.

-With these decisions, should 3rd umpires be more involved?
-Should players on both sides be honest?

This is not the only sport at a loss, look at Football with England denied a World Cup goal and Argentina given one. Is that fair?