Monday, 22 June 2009

Twenty 20 best team is Pakistan, how about the best man?

As a cricket fan, this was a must see tournament. Earlier you would write Pakistan off as they could hardly win a game. In the super 8's there was a major turnaround from this side as many would have seen their thrashing against New Zealand. That to me was significant as it showed that you cannot rule them out.

Beating both unbeaten teams South Africa and Sri Lanka showed us all that they really deserves their victory. The way they played showed that they did their homework. By bringing in Afridi earlier in the batting lineup definately made the difference with the scoring. Targetting different batsment like Dilshan with his unique manouver stopped Sri Lanka scoring their ideal run total. At the end of the day it made the difference.

If I had to choose a man of the tournament, it could have been many of the players in Sri Lanka or Pakistan with all the top 5 bowlers in the final and some of the highest scoring batsment. If Sri Lanka had one I would have said Dilshan. As Pakistan won I would say Shahid Afridi.

Would you agree to this? Would Umar Gul or the captain be your choice?

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